Book review:3 daughters of eve


Author name: Elif Shafak

Book name: Three Daughter of Eve


The book’s name depicts that it has 3 main characters Peri, Shirin, and Mona. The story moves from past to present side by side.

It began when Peri’s bag was snatched on her way to a dinner party and an old photograph of her student life fall on the ground. Peri was born to a Turkish middle-class family having two elder brothers. Her mother was a religious woman and her father was a liberal man and there was always tension in her home due to different ideologies of life.

One brother was arrested by police when she was 7 years old. It had a strong impact on her young brain and here her dialogue with God started. Her father’s dream was to send her abroad for higher studies. He and sent her to Oxford when she was 19 years old.

In Oxford, she made two friends Irani girl Shirin and Egyptian girl Mona. Here she meets unconventional Professor Azur and started studying the subject “God”.She falls in love with him but he had affair with Shirin. So she got jealous and do a suicide attempt. In committee, she spoke against Azur ruined her career as well as Azur.

After 14 years back she calls back Shirin and Azur and apologizes to them. Currently, she is married to a Turkish businessman and mother of 3 children.

My views:

Dialogues were best but the story plot was a little bit weak. Rather author keeps up momentum and suspense in the story. Points out modern world issues like religion, identity, and politics. One more point which I feel that if parents have a conflict with each other there are voids in children personalities like Azur and Peri.

Hope so you like it.


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