Hi there, I am Amna

I’m an electrical engineer turned content writer. Since 2017, I am working as a freelance content writer and blogger.

Are you curious why an engineer turned into a content writer?

Here is the story.

I was an introvert and curious kid. I like two things in my life: writing and technology. To pursue my love for technology I went to study electrical engineering.

Upon graduation, I have started working as an electrical engineer.

But something was missing

Unfortunately, I was not writing as I used to be. I began to think about how I could combine writing and technology.

Then I found freelance writing and blogging. In 2017 I started my blog.

As I did that, I let my freelance writing wings fly.

Now  I am writing blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media posts, and ebooks to companies all across the globe. My favorite niches are technology, marketing, and lifestyle.

During my free time, I love watching tennis and K Dramas.

You can connect me here.

We’ll schedule a meeting to see if we’re the right fit.