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11 essential gardening tools every gardener needs

11 essential gardening tools every gardener needs

Whether you are a professional or hobbyist gardener, you need the right tools for maintaining your garden. However, there is a wide range of tools available that you might not know which to choose. Therefore, it is important to select tools that are essential and commonly used. These tools will make your gardening experience easier. Here are our picks for essential gardening tools every gardener needs.

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11 essential gardening tools for every gardener


must have gardening tool







Gardening takes a lot of your time. But you can still save your time by using a tool known as Wheelbarrow. It will reduce your number of trips in moving around the garden. And it will help you move extra soil, compost, plants, firewood, and any other waste in the garden.

Additionally, it is also used to move heavy objects. Wheelbarrows will help you to move heavy objects in the garden within a few minutes.

Before purchasing a wheelbarrow, you must notice these specifications.

  • It is good to select a wheelbarrow with knobby tires as they are easy to move in soil. Select Handle length according to your height.
  • Single handle two wheelbarrows is better than a traditional single wheelbarrow.
  • As it is easy to balance and can move smoothly on uneven soil. Further, it can easily be moved even with a single hand.

A wheelbarrow can be used for a long time if kept clean and dry as this will keep it from rusting.


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While gardening, it is common to get bristles and scratches from thrones. Bare hands will be injured due to friction and pressure from using hand tools. So you can prevent them by wearing a pair of gardening gloves.

The most commonly used gardening gloves are nitrile-coated gloves and leather gloves.

Nitrile-coated gloves are light weighted and machine-washed gloves. These gloves are mostly used in warm seasons.

They are best when doing light tasks like picking up seeds.

Leather gloves are used in the cold season. They are mainly used for picking roses, digging, and pruning.

  • Invest in gloves that fit properly in your hands.
  • As ill-fitted gloves will slip from your hand and can cause blisters.
  • Your gloves should be breathable and comfortable.
  • They should be lightweight but sturdy.
  • Choose a great pair of gloves to enjoy gardening without hurting your hands. 


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The gardening tools list is incomplete without a spade. It is used for digging, edging, and transplanting the soil. They can also be used for slicing hard roots. It is an expensive tool.

So you must purchase a spade having these qualities.

  • Good spade blades are made of stainless steel as it will prevent it from rusting.
  • Its blade must be made of tough and well constructed. 
  • Moreover, check its handle as it will face a lot of pressure.
  • Spade has two types of handles short and long.
  • Select the handle that is lighter in weight. So you can work easily.
  • Perpendicular D-shaped handle provides extra grip while digging.
  • Wood is the best material for the handle as it absorbs more shock.

4:Leaf Rack

mandatory leaf rack







Leaf rack is an equally great gardening tool to own. Some people don’t bother to rake leaves. But if you will not rack the leaves. It will hinder sunlight to grass. Hence grass growth levels will decrease. Sometimes some leaves transmit diseases into plants. So you must rack leaves from your garden.

It is a multipurpose tool. For instance, you can also level out plant beddings, even break the soil and remove dead grass in winter. There are a variety of racks available on the market.

When selecting a leaf rack, opt for a wide head, and springy tines rack.

  • To clean leaves from the shrub area, choose a rack having a shorter handle and small head.
  • Adjustable racks are a good option as they will gather a large number of leaves from narrow places.
  • A lawn rack having thin tines is used to collect grass clippings.
  • Choose a rack according to your requirements.


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Pruners are one of the most-used gardening tools. It is used for cutting stems, shrubs, vegetables, roses, and light branches. Most of the gardeners always have pruners in their pockets. 

Pruners will make your life easy in maintaining and growing the garden. Bypass is an all-rounder pruner because it gives a quick and clean-cut as its blades work like scissors. A good pruner has the power to cut   1 inch in diameter.

Therefore, do not clip anything thicker than 1 inch; otherwise, you will break the pruner as it is a frequently used tool, so choose a pruner with good blades that fits easily in your hand.

Regularly sharp or replace the blade of pruners for smooth and sharp cutting.


6:Watering gear 

Watering gears are vital for any garden. There are options like a watering can, water wand, and water hose for watering your garden.

Water can

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Watering can be used where high-pressure water is unnecessary or for a bit of space like flower beds or seedling nurseries.

They are available in two materials: plastic and metals.

Plastic water can be lightweight but not long-lasting.

Metals can be long-lasting if galvanized.

For outdoors, you need a larger can with a sprinkler head.

A small long neck water can is used for houseplants.

Select water can you can carry easily. For kids and elders, a two-handle can is preferred as it offers more stability.

Water wand

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They give a shower to plants. The water wand is mostly used for a hanging plant. Hence it is ideal for wetting the plant’s roots properly that are closely spaced.

Water wands are available in different lengths ranging from 10 inches to 48 inches.

Select it according to your garden requirements.

Short wands are used for closely spaced plants.

Longer water wands are used for hanging plants.

Further, it has shut-off valves in the handle to maintain water level according to your needs.

Water hose

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Water hose is the most common gear to water plants in a garden. The water hose is available in 3 diameters.

  • ½  inch
  • ⅝ inch 
  • ¾ inch

So buy a hose that can easily reach your garden. Invest in a multi-pattern and adjustable nozzle as it will help you to control water pressure and spray radius.

It is good to buy a rubber hose as its lifetime is longer than other hoses.

Water the plants, then coil the hose and store it away from sunlight.


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Your garden only looks good when it is well-trimmed. If you don’t have a properly trimmed garden, then all your hard work goes in vain.

You need to trim your garden now and then. So you must have a good lawnmower. Lawnmowers are available in different sizes and shapes.

A riding lawn mower is a good choice for a big garden. The self-propelled walk-behind lawnmower can be used both for small and large gardens.

You can pick between manual lawn mower, electric, and gas lawn mower according to your preference.

8:Hand Trowel 

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The hand trowel is the most useful hand tool in gardening. It is used to remove hard roots and dig small holes for sowing seedlings.

Hence look for a hand trowel with a strong connection between the blade and handle that fits easily in your hand. Find a trowel having the best grip as it will give you more control and save you from hand fatigue.

A broad blade trowel is used to move soil, and a narrow blade trowel is used to remove weeds. High-quality trowels have stainless steel heads.

It should be kept clean and dry after use to prevent rusting.

9:Garden fork 

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Garden fork is your best friend in turning soil. Because it is better in digging deep soil as compared to spade. Moreover, It is also helpful in turning compost and losing hard soil before digging.

Look for a garden fork having strong and sharp tines. For digging, straight tines are used. Square tines are better than flat tines as they do not bend when hit with a rock.

10:Garden scissors

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It is one of the most versatile gardening tools. The Garden scissors are used to open packets and pruning purposes.

Look for scissors having thin blades as they cut smoothly. Do not use your regular scissor as gardening scissors.

11:Garden boots

11 essential gardening tools every gardner needs
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You should wear gardening boots while working in your garden. Because regular shoes are not a good option to use in the garden.

Your feet will get tired in regular shoes. Further, your feet will easily get muddy. Garden boots are so strong that even thrones cannot pass through them.

Invest in comfy, waterproof, and washable garden shoes that are wearable in every season.


You cannot take care of your garden without essential gardening tools. Hence, invest in quality equipment that lasts a long time. Clean and store the tools properly after each use. We have picked the best essential gardening tools to help you grow your garden efficiently and effectively.

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