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Basic Skincare routine for beginners

Basic Skincare routine for beginners

Whenever we scroll down youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest everyone is sharing their skincare routine or when we go to shopping malls thousands of skincare products are present on racks so it can confuse anyone who is going to build a skincare regime. Skincare involves many factors like skin type, age, weather condition, or any skin issue like acne or hyperpigmentation, etc. But the core or basic of skincare remains the same. Skincare demands consistency. For better results, every product should be used for 6 weeks for effective results.

Here we have composed a basic skincare routine for beginners step by step. If you follow a basic skincare routine you will definitely attain healthy skin.

The skincare routine is divided into 2 parts.

1:Day time skincare 

2:Night time skincare

1:Day time skincare

Daytime skincare is all about protecting skin from the sun and environmental pollution.


The first step in daytime skincare is cleansing, face cleansing means washing your face with water or a gentle cleanser of your own skin type.


After cleansing pat dry your face and apply a moisturizer. Moisturizer makes your skin soft and supple. It is mandatory for youthful and plum skin. Moisturizer is a must for every skin type from normal to dry to oily skin. It is wrong to not use moisturizers on oily skin.


It is a vital product in day time skin regime as it reduces the risk of early aging, skin cancer, protects skin from UV radiation and other harmful effect of the sun. After applying sunscreen you can apply to makeup to your skin.

Nighttime skincare

During the night our skin demands repair and nourishment.

1:Double cleansing

First, remove all your makeup and dirt with help of an oil-based cleanser, and then wash your face with your regular face cleanser. If you do not have any oil-based cleanser it is ok. Wash your face twice with your regular cleanser


Toner is used to the balancing PH of skin after double-cleansing. Use alcohol-free toner as they are less irritating and drying.

3:Night cream/moisturizer

At night our skin repairs all day damage. Use cream based on Retional. If you do not have cream use your moisturizer.

Face packs

Use face packs according to what your skin is demanding like brightness, freshness, and hydration at least once or twice a week.

Are you going to build a skincare routine?