Books are treasure

For me its 100% true.I think books are one of best things or part of this magnificent planet.No one can make you more visionary like them.In my case I tackle most of problem of life with the help of books as whenever I caught in difficult situation some good words of books which I have read are always stored in my mind and these make me strong and help me in making decision.They are my best friends and I always enjoy their company they never make me bore.

Even in era of social sites there importane remains same.Books connects you from one part of the world to other tells us about past ,present and future.They preserve jewels and gems inside them. Even a book which is not consider amid top ranked book has something as they are written with so much hardwork and dedication.Everyone must reads books as each person is living with some interests and good thing about books that they are on each and every aspect of world not matter how big or small aspects. Successful persons of the world have one common habit that they read books.They make you best version of yourself.

Hope so you like it