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How to study

How to study

Most of us thinks that people who score good marks in exams have high iq level.This can be possiblity but overall success doesnot depend only on this factor.The most vital factor which not only make you high achiever student but also make your life bed of roses is “mangment”.Many average student can become bright student by only this key factor.I will divide mangment further into 3 branches.


Sub catgories

  • Time mangment
  • Notes mangment
  • Self mangment

Time mangment

Word biggest power is time.Only time has capability to take revenge to those who waste it.You can become superhero by only utilizing it wisely.Now how a student can manage it mean how he/she use it while studing.Chop your time in portions.For example if you have 2 hours then divide your time in 4 portions.Study first 25 minute then take break for 5 minute then repeat it thrice but keep your full focuse in your study hour rather then wasting in talking ,cell phone,tv and playing games.

Notes mangment

This part is backbone for achiving maximum marks.I will discuss 2 methods

  • Cornell note system
  • Mind map


Cornell note system

This method is invented by American professor named Walter Pauk

This method is divided into 5 parts

  • Record
  • Question
  • Recite
  • Reflect
  • Review

First divide your page into 3 section like picture above


First make your notes during lecture.

use note taking column.

As time is short during lecture then use keywords and short sentences


After lecture create question based on notes write them in column.For example if it is history subj then make question like why this happen,where this happen,main chracters,dates of event.

If this is physics or mathematics then formula which method etc


You must recite all lecture and question within 24 hours a day remeber that daily study is far better then studing before exams.

Reason behind this you have plenty of time, you are stress free,daily subj material consist of maximum 3 pages ,you make your new neat notes ,you can search more on topic others will start studing near exam while you are reciting then surely you will be champion


Here you ask question by yourself

What i have made are enough is there any thing more needed or i have put unneccessary points.if you find some topics difficult to memorize then read them before going to sleep then read them again in early morning


At the end of week ,month or before 2 or 3 weeks before exam review all things you have made lectures during class neat notes you have made and do written practice as much as you can do because practice makes a man perfect.

in this pic this method is summerized

2:Mind maps

In this method make a circle write in it main topic then make branches around it and write pinpoints across it here is pictorial discription of method

Self mangment

first students you should organize your self like during class you must have your register or diary and stationary box to make your notes

In home you organize your study place .keep your books ,diaries stationary alligned this will save your time.its human nature that they learn maximum when every thing around is organized clean and comfortabley

Stay away from

  • Laziness
  • Hate
  • Back bitting
  • Negtivity
  • summary

Only trick to success is mangment and hardwork.
Hope so it will work for you.peace