In What Order Do I Apply My Skin Care Products?

In what order should I apply skin care

With the boom of the skincare industry, now there are dozens of skin care products in the market. So it is natural to get confused with the order of applying your skincare products. From hyaluronic acid to vitamins to Retinol and many more products, our skincare routines are no more simple 3 step skincare routine. Whenever you purchase a new skincare product, the first question that pops in your mind is, ”now, in what order should I apply skincare products?’’ worry not. Because we are here to guide you in what order you should apply your skincare products. So you can see the result of your skincare products effectively.

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In what order should I apply skincare products?

In general, you should apply products from thinner to a thicker consistency. Expert recommends applying thinner products like water-based products first, followed by thicker oil-based products.

The skincare routine is divided into the daytime routine and the nighttime routine.

In the daytime, our skin demands protection and prevention from sunlight and pollutants. Our skin repairs all daytime damage at night.

Both routines have almost the same skincare products. There are a few skincare products that you cannot use at both times.

We’ll mention which products are not suitable for both routines. 


When: AM and PM

Morning routine

The first step in skincare is to clean your face with a cleanser. It is a misconception that the morning routine doesn’t require a cleanser.

Your face gets dirty with sweat and faces Oil during the night. Moreover, there are invisible dirt particles on the pillow.

So use a good cleanser to wash your face in the morning. Then dry your face with a clean towel. 

Nighttime routine

Double cleansing

In double cleansing, first, use an oil-based makeup remover or oil-based cleanser. Oil will melt all makeup and remove it smoothly. Then wash your face with your regular face cleanser.

You can use your regular cleanser twice if you don’t have an oil-based cleanser or makeup remover.


When: AM and PM

You can use the same toner in both routines.

It is still a debate to use toner or not. Because they were harsh and caused skin irritation. Toner was made to maintain the pH of the skin that becomes basic after using harsh soap. But now, face cleanser helps to maintain the Ph of the skin.

However, if your skin requires toner and you prefer to use one, apply it after washing your face.

Modern-day toners are better as they gently remove the remaining dirt and oil on the face. While prime your face for further products application.

Now there are various good toners for every skin concern. You should select your toner this way.

There are two types of toner.

  • Toners having AHA   (alpha hydroxy acid like salicylic acid ) are used for dry skin.
  • Toners containing BHA (beta hydroxy acid like glycolic acid or lactic acid) are best for oily skin.

Avoid alcohol-based toners if you have dry skin.

3: Serum

When: AM and PM

After toner applies serum to your face, the serum consists of a high concentration of specific ingredients. They are used to give extra hydration or treat any particular skin concern like dryness, break out, or irritation.

Day time Serum

Most doctors recommend antioxidant serum for daytime like Vitamin C.This serum can help to brighten up your skin. As well as protect it from harmful environmental pollutants and  UV lights that cause premature aging.

Nighttime Serum


At night your skin needs extra hydration, so choose a hyaluronic acid serum or vitamin E serum. Both provide smoothness and hydration to the skin. Hyaluronic acid maintains moisture under our skin, so it looks well hydrated, healthy, and plum.

4:Eye Cream

When: AM and PM

Eye creams are used to maintain eyelid skin thickness and health. The eye area doesn’t have oil glands, so it starts aging faster than other face parts.

Further, our eyelid area is the most sensitive face part, and it needs extra hydration. Using an eye cream daily will maintain the smoothness and elasticity of your eyelid area.

Apply an eye cream after your serum.

Day time eye cream

For daytime eye cream, use a cream having roller ball applicator and caffeine formula. Caffeine helps to tighten puffy eyes within 20 minutes temporarily.

Nighttime eye cream 

Night eye cream should have a good hydrating formula as nighttime products must have more repairing and moisturizing power.


When: AM and PM

Moisturizer makes our skin soft and supple. It locks in all the ingredients below it so that they are more effective. 

There is no excuse for moisturizer whether your skin is dry, oily, or normal. The best product to make your skin look healthy.

Expert recommends applying moisturizer on damp skin. So apply it immediately after serum.  Moisturizer will help to lock hydration of serum as well.

Daytime Moisturizer

Use a light moisturizer, especially hyaluronic-based moisturizer, in the daytime. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated without being greasy.

Nighttime Moisturizer

For nighttime, use a moisturizer that should be thicker than your daytime moisturizer. Look for moisturizers having ingredients like glycerine, peptides, ceramides, and antioxidants.

6:Face oil

When: AM and PM

You can use the same face oil for both routines. It is better to apply it in the nighttime regime.

It is the second last step in the morning routine and the last step in the night routine.

Face oil is not mandatory, but it can be used if you feel dryness on your skin. Face oil provides extra hydration to the skin. It does not absorb in the skin. 

Marula and aloe oils are used for sensitive skin.

Rosehip and jojoba oil are the best option for oily skin.


When: Only AM

Sunscreen is the final product in your daytime regime. Sunscreen helps to protect our skin from harmful UV traditions, premature aging, and skin cancer.

Applying sunscreen is the essential step in the morning routine. Choose an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen.

If you don’t have time to apply all other skincare products, then apply sunscreen.

We swear sunscreen is a hero skincare product. You should skip your breakfast, but you should not forget your sunscreen. Always put sunscreen in your bag.


When Only Pm

It is the second last step in the nighttime skincare routine. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that helps to increase the production of collagen and even outs skin. It is considered a magic product as it fades dark spots and wrinkles.

Retinol can cause skin irritation, so add it slowly to your skincare routine and avoid using acid products on that day.


Which skincare products shouldn’t be used together?

Retinoids and acids like glycolic acid cannot be used together. It is good to use them on alternate days.

What products can only be used for morning and night routines?

Vitamin A creams like Retinol should only be used in the night routine as they may increase sensitivity to sunlight.

Sunscreen should be used in the morning routine as they protect skin from UV lights.


When should you use acid in your skincare routine?

It depends on your skin needs and sensitivity. But acids cause irritation and redness. So only add one acid skincare product at a time. Add another if suggested by your doctor.

If you have oily skin, go for salicylic acid.If you need extra hydration and smoothness for your skin, select lactic acid.

Choose glycolic acid to treat wrinkles and brighten up dark spots.

Can face masks be used in daily skincare routines?

No, face masks should be used just twice a week.


You can see the result of the products only when applied in the right order. But remember the general rule of thumb from thin consistency product to thick consistency product if you do not memorize the order of skincare. Then make a cheat sheet and paste it to your dressing table. We hope you find our guide helpful in what order you should apply skincare products.

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