Power of postivity


    Wealth is important no

    Status is important no

    Beauty is important no

    Fame is important no

    Then what……..


    After many ups and falls in my life finally what i decided is that secret of life is to cope your bad days as well as your good days by being postive.

    Its pill to broken heart, stressed mind and dejected soul.

    I was by nature a negative person(oh i donot destroy anyone☺) i mean whatever i do in my life i always think that it will go wrong if any thing is not going well i take it on my heart and then atlast i become a permanent miagrine patient and several health disorders then finally one day i said to my self let start an experiment i will remain postive for a month and never let any negative thought to come across mind whatever the problems are.seriously this one month was like i was living in heaven.I will sum up this blog by things i have experinced in this experiment and results are

    • Content
    • Trust on Allah
    • Fresh
    • Feel myself as light as cotton
    • How beautiful this life is and i am continously wasting it.
    • Strong
    • Belief on my self
    • Healthy(most important)health is wealth but wealth is not health.
    • Improve my decision making skills.
    • Value my belongings/things
    • More confident
    • Disciplined
    • Tension free

    In the end i must say by being negative you are only wasting your energies and you cannot even do daily life chores.negtivity is like poision it will eat you like termiate.please understand that this life is not bed of roses its way difficult we human beings are created as best creation so its on us to how to live this life and best option is being postivity.Postivity will refain you day bay day into a gem person

    Hope so its work for you.peace☺