Book Review:When breath becomes air



This book is an autobiography written by writer turn neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi.

At the start of the book he and his wife Lucy was flipping CT scan images and cancer was diagnosed. At that time he was a neurosurgical resident entering his final year of training. Most of his family members were doctors including his dad. His father was American and his mother was Indian.He was a very lively boy and he was not sure that what profession he will pursue in his life.He decided to be writer and studied English literature but a question always arises in his mind

“Where did biology,mortality,literature and philosophy intersect?”and “what makes human life meaningful even in face of death and decay”.

He tried his best to find answer in literature but failed. He then moved towards medical field to reveal mystry.

Then he had studied medical from Yale medicle School of medicine and get married with his girlfriend Lucy(what a loyal,supportive woman).He had written in detail about medical studies and practice as neurosurgeon how difficult they are.Then at last year of his residency he was diagnosed by lung cancer at age of 36 years and he were amid 0.0012% people of world who unfortunately got this disease.

After the first scan he was not treated by chemo, after 2nd scan, he was treated by chemo and then his health detiorate day by day.Paul and Lucy had become parent of a daughter about 8 month after birth of their daughter he died on 4 July 2015.His wife had completed his book explaining all pain and sorrows his death scene and how hardly he had written his book

“When breath becomes air”

At most painful time of his life.

May his soul rest in peace.

Thank you Paul for writing this valuable book and giving precious thoughts to world.

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My views

Sometimes I think we will die when purpose of our life is complete and the same happens with Paul. When he has got an answer to his question he died.I am not from medical field this book enlarges my medical knowledge. Facts about cancer and there are only 1-second differnce between life and death.

I am very sensitive and emotional person I have read this book with heavyheart.Just imagine how difficult it is for a person how know he will die and writing his life.He had written beautiful debate about science and the existence of God. In last we must appreciate his supporting family and his wife who remain so close during his hard time.More power and patience to them.

I have written book review for the very first time in my life so obviously I have not done justice in reviewing this extraordinary remarkable book.


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