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6 best youtube channels for workouts at home

6 best youtube channels for workouts at home

Exercise is essential whether you are losing weight or not. Maybe you are not doing the workout as you can not afford a gym due to a shortage of time or on a limited budget. You do not have a personal trainer or you have excuses mention in this picture. But these are only your excuses. We are blessed to be living in the modern technology era and believe me the internet is your best friend. You can easily get fit by doing a workout on youtube. I am doing the workout on youtube for more than 7 years. In this article, I am sharing the list of the best youtube channels for workouts at home.

why you need youtube channels for workout


Why they are my favorite youtube channels for workouts?

Basically, I am a lazy person but I never make it an excuse for the workout. Because these youtube channels have filled my life with health, happiness, and self-confidence.

These channels are providing workouts video free for every type of body for every age from beginners to average to experts and especially time intervals are best from 5 minutes to 1 hour. One more good thing you can find any workout type like cardio, aerobic, Zumba, kickboxing, pilates, and yoga.

Now here is the list of my all-time favorite youtube channels for workouts.

Best youtube channels for workouts

1.Leslie Sanson ‘workout channel


best youtube channel for workout







Definitely, Leslie Sanson is the queen of walking workouts. The walk workout channel is the go-to place for everyone who enjoys walks. Her workouts are easy yet effective. You can find even 5-minute walking workouts to 45 minute walking workouts on her channel.

These low-impact workouts are best for older and people that have any medical issues and cannot do high-impact workouts. It is an ideal channel for those who dislike high-intensity workouts but are still looking to engage in an exercise regimen. I have started my fitness journey from the Leslie Sanson walk at the home channel.


2. Lucy Wyndham _Read

Youtube channel for workout

I became a workout freak because of this YouTube channel. Lucy Wyndham-Read started her Youtube journey in 2012. Her channel is the most popular youtube workout channel in the UK.

This channel has a variety of easy-to-follow yet super-effective workouts that are popular in all age groups. These workouts do not require any equipment and can be done in a small area. The reason for the popularity of this channel is the 7-minute 7-day workout challenges. These are very helpful for busy and lazy individuals.

Additionally, I like her specific targeted areas workouts. You can easily find workouts like seated workouts, walking workouts, and toning exercises on this channel. Her 7-minute workout to lose belly fat has more than 100 million views.

3. Jessica Smith Tv


Youtube channel for workout specially cardio

I was suffering from knee pain and found her videos at that time. But when I explore her channel it was beyond pain relief videos. Jessica Smith is a personal certified trainer having 15 years of experience.

Her channel is one of the most organized workout channels on youtube. As she has clearly divided all workouts into proper playlists. She has more than 13 workout playlists. Her workout youtube channel is for everyone.

She uploads a video once a week. Here major workouts include HIIT, meditation, walking workouts, pilates, and yoga.

Her dog’s special appearance is the cutest thing in her workout videos.



4. Fitness blender

Bestb youtube channel for workout

Anyone that has ever searched workout videos on youtube surely has found  Fitness Blender videos. This youtube channel is run by a husband(Daniel)and wife(Keli) having 25 years of experience in the fitness industry.

More than 6.5 million people have subscribed Fitness Blender youtube channel. Fitness Blender is the best place to find any type of videos workout video. Weather cardio, strength training, pilates, yoga, aerobic, equipment, and non-equipment exercises.

This channel accommodates the fitness needs of every level person. They have more than 500 workout videos on their channel having video lengths from 5 minutes to 45 minutes.

5. BeFit

best youtube channel for workout

Youtube’s best fitness channel list is incomplete without BeFit. Are you still nostalgic about the ’80s  workout?

Then you must be subscribed to Befit. This channel has the best trainers like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Scott Herman, Kym Johnson, and many others. Aside from a hub for cardio exercise they also upload dance and pilates exercises.

Every Wednesday they upload new videos and mostly video timing range is  10-20 minutes. Their widely popular videos are their challenge videos like Befit in 90 days and BeFit in 30 days including workouts like a 30-day butt lift, 30-day six-pack abs. If you are a die cardio lover then this channel is just made for you.


6.Popsugar Fitness

best youtube channel for workouts

If you have a dream that you have a celebrity workout trainer then you must try PopSugar workouts. You will free workout at your home with celebrities trainers. As most of their trainers are celebrity trainers. This channel has been subscribed to by more than 5 million fitness lovers.

PopSugar includes a number of workouts like tabatadance, cardio, Zumba, and kickboxing. Their most popular workouts are Victoria’s Secret Model workout and other famous celebrity’ workouts. This channel has a lot of workout videos from beginner level to advanced level. Their workout timing range is 5 minutes to 1 hour.


My youtube channel link


Here I have categorized exercises you can easily find you desired one.


Everything depends on your priority so please make workouts your priority. These videos are free so we must use free resources. And in this pandemic when gyms are closed these videos are a blessing to stay fit. You can exercise at any time .And you can do these exercises even at a very small place. If a person like me can do then everyone can do a workout even it is 5 am or 1 am. So sure you can also do. As we all know

health is wealth.


Comment below your favorite youtube channel for workouts.