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10 best foods for weight loss

10 best foods for weight loss

Nearly every person is going through a Weight loss battle. Those who are fighting this battle know clearly the importance of food for weight loss. You do not need to starve yourself for weight loss. You just know the right foods for weight loss. Here we are listing the 10 best foods for weight loss. This list has options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Best foods for weight loss

1: Egg

eggs for weight loss






According to  Medical news, today egg is scientifically proven best food for weight loss.


They are low in calories and are enriched with proteins. Proteins are fuller so your stomach will not feel empty.

Eggs have many other nutrients like vitamin D, lutein and zeaxanthin, and choline,

One big egg contains about 78 calories. It is best practice to eat it in the form of a boiled egg, baked egg, scrambled egg, and porched egg.

Avoid it eating in form of the fried egg as it contains a lot of oil and increases the intake of calories.


Are oats gluten-free? - Times of India

National health and nutrition examination survey 2001-2010 suggests that individuals who consume oats have lower abdominal weight and more healthy than those who do not consume oats.


they are high fiber food and have healthy carbs. Other good things oats are

Oats not only helps in weight loss but also helps in regulating sugar level. Moreover, it reduces the chance of cancer and heart diseases.

The best thing is an only half a cup of oats contains 150 calories.

There are many types of oats like

Old Fashioned Oats:

Steel Cut Oats

Instant Oats

Steel Cut Oats

The most popular style of eating oats is overnight oats. People make it more healthy and delicious by adding fruits and nuts. There are a variety of recipes for making oats dishes and you can eat it any time and in any meal.

3:Greek yogurt

greek yogurt isbest food for weight loss





Best weight loss food at homes awards go to greek yogurt. You can easily make it at home or purchase it from the store. Here are the results of recent studies.

Only one cup of yogurt will helps you 40% intake of protein. If you take its three servings in a day you will reduce 22% more weight and 61% more body than those who are not taking it in their diet.


it contains probiotics known as friendly bacteria that help in digestion and increase metabolic rate.

You can eat it in breakfast as a snack or as a side dish in lunch and dinner.


chickpeas for weighloss





This is the best way to gain protein for vegans. The next advantage is it is not so expensive, easy to use and you can use it in a number of ways.

Chickpeas have only 1o6 calories in half a cup.

Other nutrients in half cup of chickpeas

You can simply use them as snacks plus in meals. Some of the famous chickpeas dishes are.

Moroccan Stew

2. Soups

3. Indian Curry

4. Hummus

5. Roasted Chickpeas are an easy snack or salad-topper.

6. Spanish Cuisine:


lentils are among 10 best food for weight loss





Lentils are low in fat, high in soluble fiber, and high in proteins. Proteins secrete hormones that help to ensure that your stomach is filled.

Boiled lentils have 230 calories in one cup.

There are many types of lentils like

Red lentils

Brown lentils

Green lentils

You can eat lentils both for lunch and dinner.

These are healthy lentils recipes


Almond is best weight loss food





Almonds are not only rich in both fiber and protein but also contain many other ingredients like Vitamin E, copper, and magnesium.

Moreover, they have 39% monosaturated healthy fat.

According to a survey people eating a diet rich in almonds lost more weight than those on a high-carb diet with the same number of calories.

You can use it as almond milk. You can add it to your salad plus smoothies and shakes.

The best time to eat almonds is morning time. Most people soak them in water overnight then eat them in the morning.

Mostly ten almonds in a day are prescribed.

7:Green vegetables

weight loss food





Green vegetables are a good source of nutrients like potassium, dietary fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin A, and vitamin C.

They are low in fat and calories. Researches emphasize the consumption of green vegetables for a healthy life.

There is a lot of options for green vegetables like










Green bean


Brussels sprouts



Grape leaves

Green capsicum

We cannot give an estimation of calorie count as they are so many variations.

You can eat them as soup, raw, boiled, steamed. baked, cooked, and even pickled them.

8: Fish

fish for weight loss





Omega 3, fatty acid, vitamin B, and lean protein make the fish the best option for weight-loss food.

Some people feel so there is toxicity in earing fishes due to pollution. But there are still healthy types of fishes.

American heart association suggests it is favorable to eat fish two or thrice time a week to shed weight swiftly.

In 100 grams there are 206 calories.

The best type of fishes to lose weight are

1. Salmon

2. Cod

3. Trout

4. Tuna

5. Sardines

6. Flounder and Sole

7. Barramundi

8. Pollock

9. Tilapia

10. Haddock

The best approach to eat fish is by baking, air frying, grilling, or poaching.


chicken for weight loss





Whenever we make a weight loss diet plan first and foremost food is chicken. And it is worth to hyped chicken as the best food for weight loss. As it contains lean protein which is the most healthy way to full tummy. So every healthy food platter is filled with chicken.

But avoid deep-fried chicken as it will tend to increase our weight.

It is best to eat organic chicken.

There are more than 100 recipes to eat chicken in a healthy and delicious way.

There are 239 calories in 100 grams of chicken.

The most healthy way to eat chicken is baking and grilling.

These are 53 healthy chicken recipes

Try them and be healthy and slim.


tea for weight loss





Tea is life, a friend both in thick and thin times.

Teas have two powerful weight loss ingredients caffeine and catechins that help in quick weight loss. Caffeine boost up body energy in result body will burn calories easily. Catechins increase the body’s metabolic rate and as a result, the body breaks down fat fastly.

The calories in one cup of green tea are 2.5.

There are many good teas for weight loss like

Puerh Tea

Green tea

Black Tea

Oolong Tea

White Tea

Herbal Tea

Tea is a beverage that has no time you can enjoy it any time and anywhere.


These are scientifically proven 10 best weight loss foods. Include these foods in your meal plan. Enjoy healthy and delicious food. Live a healthy and happy life.

Comment below on your favorite healthy food.