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10 top tips on how to travel with kids

10 top tips on how to travel with kids

There is a big difference between traveling alone and traveling with your kids. Traveling alone is fun and relaxing. Traveling with kids is in contrast, you have to be more conscious and responsible as it looks good that you and your kids will make evergreen memories. But in reality, traveling with kids is more tiring and sometimes frustrating. But it does not mean that you cannot enjoy traveling with your kids. By following some tried and tested tips you can make your trip better. We have listed the top 10 tips on how to travel with kids. It will help you travel with less stress.

Scroll down to read these amazing tips to enjoy your next trip with your kids.

Tips on how to travel with kids

1:Packing for kids

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Packing for kids depends upon the age group. It is a little different for infants/toddlers or bigger kids. You have to pack smartly for kids as it will be a burden to carry extra luggage with children.

Packaging for infants

If you are traveling with infants, you must pack these things.

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Extra outfits of kid
  • Medicines
  • Extra bag for throwing used wipes and diapers
  • Formula milk(if needed)
  • portable cot
  • Baby blanket

This list is also valid for children of age between 2 to 4 just add

  • Car seats
  • Some snacks
  • Any old favorite toy
School going kids

To create excitement for the trip, involve these kids in the packaging process.

Pack according to the weather of your destination. If it is colder, then pack winter clothes like sweaters, gloves, jackets, and heavy coats.

Otherwise, you should pack these items.

  • Night suit
  • Socks
  • Cap(hat if weather is hot)
  • Casual shirts and pants
  • Shoes like joggers and slippers
  • Toiletries
  • It is good to take one formal pair of shoes and an outfit.
  • First aid kit

2:Pre book your flights and accommodation

The best tip for a relaxed tour with kids is to pre-book your whole tour. First, pre-book your flights. The next important thing is to pre-book your accommodation; whether you decide to stay in a hotel orĀ  Airbnb, do it in advance as kids need a rest after travel, whether it is a road trip or a flight. It will be hard for kids to wait for accommodation after a journey.

3:Checking all documentation

The most important thing even before planning a trip is to check all documents of your kids.

If you are traveling abroad, check paper documentation for kids required in that country. As every country have different documentation requirements for kids. For example, some countries need birth certificates or vaccination certificates. First, complete these paper documentations to travel without facing any legal issues in these countries.

Passport is mandatory for all kids traveling internationally. Check the expiry date of the passport. If it needs renewal, renew it as soon as possible. If a visa is also required, you should get a visa before traveling to your destination country.

Additionally, make an extra file to put all documents. This file will save you from any hassle.

4:Match flight schedule with their nap time

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Kids lives are all about

eat,sleep and repeat

As a parent, it is so your top priority to take care of their nap times. If your flight schedule mismatched with their nap routine. Then get ready for a horrible trip. So it is good to take flight /bus/train in the morning when they have taken their nap. Or book a flight/bus/train at night just a few hours before their nap time to easily sleep during the whole journey.

A relaxed kid will be cheerful during the whole tour.

5:Bring travel entertainment for kids

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Kids are always happy with their favorite things. So it is good to bring travel entertainment for your kids.

These can be

  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Books
  • Toy
  • Electronic gadget
  • Favorite snacks

Kids usually sleep in their familiar environment. If your kids want to sleep give them their favorite pillow and blanket.

Some kids like to spend their time reading their favorite books, playing with their favorite toy, and using any electronic gadget.

Snacks are the best thing to indulge kids. So do not forget to take this travel entertainment.

6:Involve kids in activities

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If you have big kids like school-going kids, then involve them in all travel activities. Please give them a camera and the confidence to take pictures and shoot videos. Your kid will be more happy and attentive when they have the freedom to take photos/videos of their tour.

Some kids love to write, so give them a journal to document the trip. New places and experience will enhance their creativity, and they will happily document it.

If your kids are good at managing things, let them help you in planning the whole tour.

7:Give your contact information to your kids

There is always a chance that your baby can be lost during the trip. So always make a card and write important details like

  • Kid name
  • Parents name
  • Parent phone numbers
  • Your tour accommodation address
  • Your home address
  • Parents email address
  • Try to write this information in both local and English language
  • Put this card in kid pockets or in a kid’s necklace chain.

When someone will find your kid it will be easy for them to contact you.

8:Plan your trip wisely

Plan your trip as it will save your time and energy. Pre research about your destination. Your trip must be a combination of kid-friendly destinations as well as adults.

Do not spend your whole trip visiting museums, shopping malls, or historical sites. As kids mostly get bored in that places. Try your best to add theme parks or swimming pools so kids can also enjoy the tour.

You must check that area’s food. For example, if seafood is a common food in that area and your kid doesn’t like seafood, you must find a food substitute.

Try to balance the trip both for adults and kids.

9:Be flexible and calm

Sometimes it is hard for kids to absorb new places. It is common that they will throw tantrums, so bear them patiently.

Probably your kid can be sick during the trip, so do not get panic. Always pack medicines and must know emergency numbers of that area or nearby doctor.

Flights can be a delay, so try your best to keep your baby in control.

They can be picky with food, so try to eat at places with your kid’s favorite food.

Traveling with kids is a test of your patience. Hence, be extra flexible and calm during the trip.

10:Take rest during the trip

Kids cannot engage the whole day; they need rest, and when you are with kids, you should also rest. If you and your family are well-rested, then all of you can enjoy your vacations.

Take some naptime, refresh yourself and then resume your activities.


Traveling is all about learning, patience, adventures, exploring, and making new memories. Things do not go smoothly many times. And these unexpected events are the real essence of traveling. So enjoy all the good and bad things during traveling with your kids. We are hopeful our top tips on how to travel with kids will be super helpful for your all next tours.

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