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Best baby cot buying guide

Best baby cot buying guide


Babies’ favorite hobby is sleeping. A baby bassinet is a baby’s first place where babies enjoy their sleep. After six months they have to move to their next sleeping place. The next sleeping place is the baby cot. Parents are always on the hunt to find the best baby cot for their baby. As they do not want to compromise on their baby’s sleep. To find a perfect baby cot you have to consider size, safety, and certain features of the baby cot. Here in this article, we will provide you the best baby cot buying guide. This well-researched guide will help you in finding the right cot for your baby.

How a cot looks like

A baby cot is larger than a baby bassinet. It has four closed sides just like a bed. Some cots have fixed sides but some come with sides that can be adjusted. The height and length of the baby cot are smaller than a regular bed.

Baby cot material

Solid wood and Medium Density Fiberboard are highly used materials for baby cots.

Always use anti-toxic paint for baby cot.

The timespan for a baby cot.

Your baby can enjoy sweet sleep in a baby cot for two years.

The size of the cot

First measures the size of your room. Find the available space for a cot in your bedroom.

Baby cot size depends upon safety measures.


Always buy a baby cot having BSI number BSEN 716-2008 this number is for safety.

These are safety measures for the size of the cot.

Depth of cot size

Your top priority is to find a cot that is deep enough so your baby does not fall from it.

When the base is set at the lowest position, then the distance between the top of the mattress to the top of the lowest side should be 50 cm. This is for when the dropside is closed.

When the mattress base in the upper position then depth should be 30cm.

If you want to put your baby cot along your bedside then choose bedside.

If the dropside is down then depth should be 15 cm.

Recommended distance between the cot bars must be 6.5cm. Baby cot bars should be vertical.

How much weight can a baby cot hold?

A baby cot can hold only 50 pounds.

Features to consider for baby cot

 Baby cot mattress

Mattress must be stiff. It will minimize the risk of suffocation.

The gap between the mattress and cot should be 4 cm.

Always use a cot that has adjustable cot height.

This will help the mattress to adjust according to your priority.

When your baby is in the early day’s mattress should be near the top as it is easy for you to pick the baby.

As your baby grows up lower the base of the cot so the mattress is at a base level so your baby will not fall from the cot.

Easy to clean

Baby hygiene is a top concern of every parent. Your baby’s half hygiene depends upon the cleanliness of the baby cot.

Regularly vacuum your baby cot as it will remove all dust.

Use a waterproof mattress. You can also opt for a wipe-clean covering or removable top panel.

Wheels for baby cot

Wheels make it easy to move a baby cot. You must check there are lockable brakes on at least two wheels of the baby cot.

The durability of baby cot

To find a cot that will be a long-term sleeping place for your baby. Find manufactures that use FSC certified timber or plantation.

Storage saver baby cot

If you do not have enough space in your room, always opt for baby cots that have built-in drawers. These drawers are very useful as you can place their diapers, clothes, and other things in drawers.

Top changer cot

Top changer cot is another amazing option if you are running out of space. This is a changing table that is placed on top of the cot. You can easily use it as a table instead of buying a new table.

Drop-side baby cot

In this baby cot, you can drop or fold one side of the cot. This is very useful for those parents how are suffering from back pain. They can easily put down and pick up their baby.

Baby cots average cost

Babies cots are expensive. Their costs range from $100 to $1000.Baby cot’s price depends upon design, quality, and brand.

At Amazon, you can easily find a baby cot for under $500

  The advantages of baby cot

Its size is small and adjustable.

Parents can easily set it aside along their bed or can place it in the baby nursery.

You can easily find them on market.

   The disadvantage of baby cot

Baby cot is only used for two years. So it will be costly if you are not using it for your next baby.

    Types of baby cots

There are three types of baby cots

1)Regular cot

2)Portable cot

3)Convertible cot

Regular cot

This whole article is about the regular cot.

Portable cot

A portable baby cot is mostly known as a travel baby cot.

They are like a mesh having a removable mattress and can easily be foldable.

The good portable cot has the following features

  • It must have breathable material.
  • If your baby’s weight is more than 15 kg never use a portable cot.
  • The portable cot must have well designed so your baby does not get hurt with any malfunctioning.
  • Mattress must be well fitted in the cot.
  • Its wheel has a locking mechanism. The base must be strong and flat.
  • Make sure you can easily pick up and down your portable cot.

Cost varies between $49 to $400.

Convertible cot

Convertible cots are cots that can be changed to beds as your baby grows.

You take off the side of the cot and convert it into a bed.

Final verdict

We have discussed all aspects of a baby cot. Now you can easily pick the best baby cot for your baby. Your baby will love to sleep in a comfy and safe baby cot. Happy shopping.