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7 useful tools to run a blog

7 useful tools to run a blog

Running a blog does not mean just writing a piece of an article. The blog is just like constructing a building. As we need tools to construct a building, the same goes for a blog. We need tools to run a blog for quality content, marketing, saving time, and efficient teamwork. In this article, we will cover the best tools to run a blog that will help you to run your blog efficiently.

Here is a list of 7 tools to run a blog. Let us get right to it.

List of useful tools to run a blog








• Canva is an online graphic design tool that allows the creation of all kinds of graphics.
• No one can deny the importance of good graphics. Your blog is incomplete without good graphics. Canva is our all-time favorite graphic tool.
• You can use it to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, infographics,  and other visual content.
• Its core features are free but offer paid subscriptions like Canva pro and Canva  for additional functionalities.

2:Mail chimp

email and newsletter platform









• Mailchimp is a platform used to create all emails and newsletters.
• Mailchimp offers more than 1000 templates and designs that fit any message. Create and send emails from anywhere.
• Their free plan includes up to 2000 contacts and 100,000 sends per month with a daily send limit of 2000.
• The rest of the three plans are paid plans.



keyword generatot tool







• Keywordtool.io is a free online keyword research instrument.
• Generate twice as many popular keywords with accurate search volumes.
• Uses google autocomplete to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords of any topic.
• The free version of keywordtool.io can generate up to 750 plus keywords from Google autocomplete in seconds.
• Alternate for Google Adwords keyword planner.


team management app





• Slack is a communication tool that allows you and your team to keep in contact through one-on-one and group messages, voice and video calls.
• Stay organized and focused with central spaces for conversations, files, tools, and people.
• Integrates with other services like Google Drive,office365, and over 200 more
• Secure your data.
• It has one free plan and 2 paid plans.

5:E.gg Timer

time managment app







• E.ggtimer is a simple countdown timer.
• Time is currency so we should spend it wisely. While writing a blog, we waste a lot of time so it’s necessary to make a deadline.
• It is a simple but efficient tool that tells you how long you want to work. For example
it divides time your time like 20 minutes for research and 30 minutes for writing.


social media planner app









• Later visually plan schedule and manage your social presence across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
• Manage multiple accounts in one place.
• Tag users and location.
• Use saved captions, hashtags, and comments for every Instagram post.
• They have both free and paid plans.




useful tool to run a blog





  • Iconosquare can help you grow, track and report your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. It is a social media analytic tool.
  • Track engagement on competitor’s profiles.
  • Tells you when your followers are online so you should engage with them.
  • It has one free plan and three paid plans.


These tools will help you to rank on Google, makes your blog visually appealing, increase your audience by marketing via email marketing and social media marketing. The bonus point is most of them have amazing features in free versions.

These are our favorite tools to run a blog. We are sure that these tools will be useful for your blog.

If you are using WordPress then you must use these plugins to increase the efficiency of your blog