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6 best ways to make a small bedroom look bigger

6 best ways to make a small bedroom look bigger

In this era of small apartments, most of our bedrooms are small. But it’s human nature to feel their cosy bedrooms brighter and bigger. Yes, it is tough to make a small space look bigger. But it is not impossible. Your small bedroom can look bigger with some tricks and ideas. Here in this article, we have sorted the best ways to make a small bedroom look bigger.

Best ways to make your small bedroom look bigger

Play with light colours

Paint your whole bedroom, including ceilings, floors, and walls, with the same colour as it creates a more open space.

I prefer white colour or light colours as they reflect light to make it brighter. It is quite a simple and cheap trick. You can even paint your bedroom like a professional.

Yet, if you are a lover of dark colour paints, then paint your ceiling with dark colour. Because the dark colour ceiling gives the effect of height, it will look like your bedroom has a high ceiling.

But if you like to add more than one colour to your room, then use shades of the same colour. So paint the trim with a light shade than walls as it gives an illusion of depth to our eyes.

Decorate your bedroom bedding with light colours and coordinate it with your room paint as light colour bedding feels more airy and open. If you feel bored with light colour bedding. Then to add colours to your bedding, choose pillows of dark colours.

Focus on light

Light makes any space larger and brighter. Thus best option to add light is non-other than mirrors. Use mirrors as they reflect light and make any place more open. The key point is their position. Hence place them opposite to windows or artificial lights. You can also place a mirror in your closet or the darkest wall of your bedroom.

Do not use heavy curtains for windows as they block light and make your room small. Instead, use light shades or shutters for the window. As they easily allow light and air to pass through them. Hence your room has more light and air; it will look bigger and less suffocated.

If you are a luxury decor lover, then use a chandelier. It will instantly add glamour as well more light to your bedroom. The extra benefit of a chandelier is it gives a dimension to the bedroom and draws all focus to the ceiling. Hence your bedroom walls will look high.

Use walls to make a small bedroom look bigger.

As we have to save floor space, the best thing is to use walls for storage. Hang hooks, and install wall-mounted shelves to use the wall area.

You can use these shelves for clothes and books storage as well as decoration. It will free space on the floor, and you can easily walk around your bedroom.

Always organize these wall storage and coordinate them with room decor.

Organize your bedroom

Making it clutter-free is the smartest way to make your bedroom more spacious. It means not so many paintings, accessories, and no other mess. An organized place looks visually large.

So keep your clothes and shoes in the closet, books on shelves, and stationary in a box. Use a try to put your candles, flowers, and other small accessories.

Do not put so many pictures on a wall.

The bed is the centre of attraction of a room. So do not throw a mess in your bedroom. Always declutter your bed, fix its sheet, pillow, and blanket. By organizing your bedroom, you will see differences in its area.

Choose your furniture wisely.

Your bedroom furniture plays an important role in the outlook of the bedroom. If you follow these tips for bedroom furniture, your tiny bedroom will look huge.
Do not put so much furniture in one room. Use multifunctional furniture and avoid heavy furniture. Buy furniture having legs as it does not block light, and you can even see the floor.
The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Buy a built-in storage bed for extra storage for your bedroom.
Bed placement is key to creating an airy and big space. Place your bed in mid of main well as it will give you more space to move on both sides.
Do not buy bedside tables as they consume space in spite of using floating shelves for storing.
Transparent furniture is gaining popularity and they are good pieces for small bedrooms.
As they create an illusion of more space in a room.
In small bedrooms use only basic, necessary, and multifunctional furniture.

Do not ignore the flooring.

The floor is the actual focal point to make your bedroom look bigger. If your floor is full of furniture or any other things of course, your bedroom will look small. Avoid floor lamps as in small rooms our main focus is saving floor area. Instead, use pendant lights.
Opt for muted flooring to add brightness to your room. So choose marble, pro client tiles, and vitrified tiles in lighter colours. Do not use carpet tiles and laminated wooden flooring as they make a room dull.

A final thought to make a small bedroom look bigger

Less space allows you to be more creative. Small bedrooms can look more comfortable and bigger with these ideas. We are hopeful if you try our tricks, you will make your small bedroom look bigger.

Do you have any other tips to make a small bedroom look bigger? Please share your tips with us in the comment section.