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Book review:Pakistan: A Personal History


Book: Pakistan: A Personal History

Author:Imran Khan
Language: English
Subject: Autobiography, History study
Publisher: Bantam Press

Publication date: 2011


This is an autobiography of Imran Khan who is a former Pakistan Cricket team caption, a well-known philanthropist, and now Prime minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He was born in Lahore(Pakistan) and the only son of his parents among four sisters. Initially, he describes the location and history of how Pakistan came into being and the ideology of this state. His childhood was spent in Lahore, British Rule on the subcontinent, and positive and negative aspects of Pakistan society. At age of 16 joined the Lahore cricket team then move to the UK for higher studies and find it difficult to adjust to a new country. In 1972 joined Oxford university. After completing university education started playing cricket professionally.

Then shed light on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government his execution. He had no interest in politics while playing cricket as every sportsman is always focusing on their game. Then describe some Zia era and Iran Revolution and its effect on the entire Muslim world. His mother was died due to cancer and this was the turning point in his life which led him towards charity and spiritual journey. Mr. Bashir was his major spiritual guide then started reading Islam and eminent Muslim intellectuals like Iqbal and Rumi. Furthur covers some major details about Pakistan’s democracy with its ups and down including Benazir and Sharif corruption era and some major incidents of his cricket life including the 1992 world cup(the only world cup Pakistan has won in 1-day matches).

During fundraising of Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital, he started feeling Pakistan need a visionary, honest leader and decided to serve as a politician. Beautifully narrated struggle to build Pakistan’s first cancer hospital that how every one demotivates him it’s impossible to build such an expensive hospital. Then his marriage and divorce with Jemima Goldsmith.

Musharraf tenure and 9/11. The world had totally changed after 9/11 its effect on Pakistan.Some facts and views on Pakistan tribal areas.In ending chapters given some suggestions to make Pakistan a prosperous state by making institutes strong and in following the teaching of its founder Iqbal and Quaid Azam.

My views

This book is all about “hope, determination, and confidence”.Find this book interesting and impressive. The author’s mind is so focused and clear having an honest view on Pakistan politics. He is a true example of

Dreamer and Believer.

Khan has a great impact on Pakistan politics and this needs another blog post.

The secrets behind his tremendous success are self-confidence, self-examination, and fearless towards failure and embrace failure as an opportunity to analyze his major mistakes. I will especially recommend this book to those passing through a dark phase of hopelessness as this will give you direction and confidence. My favorite chapters are “Death and Pakistan’s Spiritual Life 1988-1993 and ‘Angles in Disguise’Building a Hospital,1984-199.

Hope so you like it

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