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Book Review:The sun is also a star

Book Review:The sun is also a star

Author name: Nicola Yoon

Book name: the sun is also a star

Published Date: Nov. 1st, 2016
Publisher: Delacorte


The main characters are Natasha(Jemmican undocumented migrant) and Daniel(Korean migrant). Their parents, Charles, Daniel’s brother, and Irene security guard. Her father moved to America with a dream to be an actor when she was 5 years old.

Natasha and Daniel met each other at a record store on  Time square. Daniel was going for an interview to get admission into a medical college(but he wanted to be a poet). Natasha was going for a lawyer for her documentation, which was her last day at Newyork. The next day she was deported to Jamaica.

Daniel saved her from an accident and then ask her for coffee. During coffee/date, he fell in love with her. Daniel is a hopelessly romantic boy and Natasha is a non-romantic girl who believes in science, she immediately told him do not to flirt as she does not believe in love. He told her that it is possible to prove love by science and show her scientific research published in New York time then he asked her question from this experiment. Then Natasha reached her lawyer’s office(Daniel knows nothing about her). They said goodbye without getting any contact info.

Her lawyer got an accident and she did not meet him. Natasha came out of the office thinking that he had obviously gone but Daniel had changed his interview time. She was surprised to see him then they go to his father’s shop where she had a bad interaction with his brother and father.

But she did not mind then go for lunch and she told him about her crises, he went mad at her. She has gone back to her lawyer and he gave him hope that she can be saved. After some time he realizes his mistake but then he had not any contact info about her. He goes back to the law office she calls back her ex-boyfriend and then thinks Daniel is a worthy person. She goes back to his shop got Daniel’s number from his brother calls him and met again.

Daniel’s interview was conducted by the same lawyer. When he goes to the room and saw Natasha file at the table ask about her case. He told him he cannot rescue her and she will be deported today please inform her. He came back, told her then go to her home. Then her family conflict was solved. She moves back to Jemmica they stay connected to each other but not for a long time(harsh life realities).

Her mother died after 5 years after they move to America. Her father again started doing acting. She studied Physics and Daniel studied English. Then after 10 years, they met each other on the plane. Where Irena came and said thank you to Natasha for saving her life 10 years back by sending her to thank you for a message as she was going to do suicide. Here Daniel listened to Natasha’s name and met each other and happily after.☺

My views:

Light mood romantic book covering the life of migrants who have grown up their children and preserve their culture, about an optimist boy and pessimistic girl. The author will keep you bound till the end. This book was all about passion, dreams, and love. Love changes everything. All of us are living with dreams and passion. True love never dies. Harsh realities of life will try their best to fade passion, love, and dreams but if your intentions are good all these will come back.

Rate: 3.5/5

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