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How to travel safely during covid-19

How to travel safely during covid-19

Before  COVID-19, traveling was fun, easy, safe, and restrictions-free. In Covid-19, traveling is extremely dangerous as traveling maximizes the chance of getting infected by the Corona virus. 2020 was a  nightmare for the traveling industry. The good news is vaccination is now available, but still, Covid-19  is there. It will take some time to travel again safely. Things will be better at the end of the year 2021. You should only travel if it is urgent and mandatory. You can still travel safely during covid -19 by following some guideline advice by your government.

Here we have sorted the best safety measures by World Health Organization(WHO)WHO to travel safely during Covid-19.

Measures to travel safely during Covid-19

These are essentials safe travel tips during covid-19  no matter what is your mode of travel.

  • Cover your face properly with a mask.
  • Stay at a distance of 6 meters.
  • Wash your hands after touching anything and before eating.
  • Sanitize your hand with an alcohol sanitizer if you cannot wash your hands.
  • Check travel restrictions of your destination place.
  • If possible, get vaccinated before traveling.
  • Get a COVID_test at least three days before traveling.
  • Avoid crowded places and big gatherings as much as possible.
  • It is good to isolate yourself for a few days before traveling.
  • Make a small bag that contains your medicines, masks, gloves, thermometer, sanitizer, and wipes.
  • If you have to stay at a hotel, check before booking their standards of cleanliness.
  • If you are traveling just for entertainment, choose outdoor places like parks and beaches and maintain social distancing.
  • After traveling again, get a COVID test, and if you test positive, quarantine yourself.

Is it safe to air travel?

  • Although air inside the aeroplanes is filtered and circulates, there are rare chances of spreading the virus.
  • The problem lies that you have to check a lot of security passes. It causes a lot of contact with surfaces and people.
  • Better to find airlines that provide the best safety measures.
  • But Some governments like Saudia Arabia have taken the best measures for airports’ safety.
  • The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) Saudia Arabian Airlines is the national carrier of Kingdom Saudia to provide a safe travel environment on all its domestic and international flights.
  • They take the best precautions from sanitizing airplanes, cleaning airports, providing PPE to their staff, and maintaining social distancing.
  • It is good to wear gloves and masks.
  • Avoid touching our eyes, mouth and face.
  • Sanitize your hand as much as possible.

Car travel during COVID-19

  • It is quite a safe option, but still, you have to be very careful.
  • Clean your car properly.
  • If you have other people with you in the car, you must wear a face mask.
  • Full your car with fuel at the start of your journey.
  • Try your best not to use public bathrooms and restrooms.
  • If you are using public bathrooms, then wash your hands properly.


It is risky to travel during COVID-19. But if you follow all safety tips, then

there are few chances to get exposed to coronavirus.