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5 quick tricks to speed up your web browser

5 quick tricks to speed up your web browser
Admit it; no one likes a slow web browser. All of us love a web browser that works like the speed of light. If you want to do fast work, then you must need a high-speed web browser. A sluggish web browser is the biggest hindrance in fast downloads, surfing, sending email, playing games, and many more. If you are suffering from a slow web browser, then it’s time to cheer you up, as we are going to share five quick tricks to speed up your web browser.
Continue to read on all these quick tricks for a fast web browser.

Tricks to speed up the web browser


1:Remove unnecessary extensions

Extensions and plugins are useful, but they have some side effects. Like they use a lot of systems resources. It is one of the main causes of slow speed. For a better browser speed, you have to skim off all extensions.

How to remove unnecessary extensions

First, we will discuss Google Chrome as it is the most used web browser.
On your keyboard, press Shift+Esc.It will open Google Chrome Task manager.
Here you will see which extensions are using more space. Now decide about useless extensions. After deciding it is time to delete the useless extension.
Remove extension by right-clicking on the icon in the toolbar and then going to extensions.
In Firefox, go to the main menu and then click Add -ons.
From the main menu, click extensions in Microsoft Edge and Opera.
Yet, extensions are less used by Safari but are available on the main menu.
Once you uninstall all useless extensions from your web browser afterwards, you will see a significant change in your web browser speed.

2: Close all unused tabs

“Less is more” isn’t just a fashion statement. It is also applicable to web browser performance. If there are many tabs open on your web browser, it will slow down the speed.
Moreover, if your browser runs outs of memory, it will shutdowns all background tabs. Try to use only those tabs that are essential. But still, when you are busy doing extensive research, it is hard to shut down all tabs.
There are some solutions for these issues. Like Bookmark these tabs and open them when you need these tabs.
Another good solution is used to apps like Pocket and Paper to save your tabs. Later enjoy these saved tabs.
After clearing the mess of tabs, you will feel the difference in browser speed.

3: Run a security test

The biggest reason for a slow-speed browser is malicious viruses. No matter how much technology is becoming advanced. Still, cybercrime is increasing day by day. Not only increasing, but they are also becoming more powerful.
The best approach to protect your system is to run a thorough scan with a good anti-virus tool. A safe and secure browser is a guarantee of the excellent speed of the browser.

4:Delete cookies and caches from the web browser

Whenever you visit a site, your browser stores files(catches) to boost your surfing experience. So when you visit next time the site, your browser will not take time to open it.
Cookies are data that is used for your identification, like username and password. They are good things. But you have to clean them from your browser as they cause many problems and take a lot of space.

How to delete cookies and caches

 In Google Chrome, go to settings and then click Clear browsing data.

Clear data in Firefox by going to preference. Then move to settings that are present under privacy and security.
For clearing caches and cookies from Microsoft Edge, go to settings. Then move to privacy and security. Afterwards, click choose what to clear.
It is how you can clear caches and cookies from different browsers. And enjoy the good speed of the browser.

5:Secure your browser from pop up ads

In recent research, it was analyzed that about 60% of web speed is slowed down by pop-ups add. They are not only annoying, but they are a factor for slow-speed browsers.
Although we are not supporters of excessive extension on a browser. But we are a strong supporter of useful extensions. AdBlocker Pro is a good extension to stop all nasty pop-up ads.
After blocking these ads, your browser will work at the greatest speed.


 If you are facing a slow-speed browser. Then what are you waiting for? These are our quick tricks to speed up the browser. Go and apply them and enjoy a fast-speed browser.