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If humans are perfect

If humans are perfect

If I will write a book in my life then its title will be

If humans are perfect.

Why we donot understand this life fact that we are not perfect only our creater Allah is perfect.

I think this is beauty of life that its not perfect if it was then we humans will be bore as this is another charcteristic of humans that they never ever like constant .They love change.

I am a very senstive person and sometime I feel that it makes your life so painful as you feel things so much and hurts

One more aspect about if humans are perfect that this world tends to move more and more perfection that people donot owns you that you are not beautiful,stylish or intelligent or that you are not matching their living styles

They will never see a deep inside soul which is totally sincere,innocent never ever thinks wrong for them.

Ps:I have to participate in an eassy writing competition still there is no teacher who can check my mistakes so kindly do a favour If you read my blogs can you think I can participate in it I mean to say still I am at this level to participate it.

Hope so you like it