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7 advantages of drinking water for good health

7 advantages of drinking water for good health

If someone asks me “what do you love most in this world”?Definitely, I will say “water” Why? Your 50-70% health is linked with water. Drinking 3 liters of water a day will do wonders in your life and resolve many health issues. There are many advantages of drinking water. Here in this article, we are sharing the best advantages of drinking water for good health.

Let us start.

Best advantages of drinking water

Headache and migraines are mostly caused by dehydration. About 73% of the human brain is made up of water. Hence when you will not drink enough water so headache will start. The solution is to drink enough water.
2:Joints and muscle pain
Cartilage is made of around 80 % water. It is found in the disk of the spine and joints. If your body is dehydrated for a long time it will cause joint pain. Water helps to lubricate and cushions joints.
Muscle fatigue happens when our cells do not maintain a balance between electrolytes and fluids.
They will only perform well when they are at the best level of fluid. Muscle pain is released by drinking water.
So it is very important to stay hydrated when you are working out or doing any sport.
3:Healthy Skin
Water activates blood circulation in blood. When blood is flowing at moderate speed the first impact will appear on the skin. Hence its glow will enhance as water has removed toxins from the blood.
If your blood is clean your skin will look healthy. Eventually, hydrated skin looks more fresh and firm. Water is known as the best cure for premature aging as it maintains the elasticity of the skin.
Kidney handles removing toxins from our body. Water helps the kidney to remove toxins from the blood. And it keeps blood vessels that lead to the kidney firm and open.
Kidney stones are one of the main kidney issues. If you drink enough water that you are at low risk of kidney stones.


It is known as the mother of diseases and its biggest reason is lack of water.
A good supply of water in the body helps the gastrointestinal tract to perform its function. When there is a shortage of water, the colon will extract water from the stool to maintain its water level, which causes constipation.
If you will start drinking enough amount of water your digestive system will perform better.

6:Bad breath

It’s a very common issue. The most common reasons for bad breath are the production of bacteria and dry mouth. Water can help to drop bad breath issues.
Since it is a natural cleanser, it will remove all food particles from the mouth. Secondly, it keeps saliva levels high, which helps prevent dry mouth.

7:Weight loss

And this era’s biggest issue is “weight loss”.Weight loss is highly associated with drinking water. Water is the best detox drink. Nature has given us water as the biggest gift.
Most of the time when we feel hungry. Actually, we are not hungry but we are thirsty as the water level is decreased from the body. So we think we are hungry and fill our stomachs with solids.
Drinking a lot of water will not only help in weight loss but also help in weight maintenance. (Weight maintaining is as difficult a phase as losing). Drinking water 30 minutes before your meal will improve digestion. It will also increase your metabolic rate.

How to drink 3 liters of water per day 

You can divide liters in a day. Here is an example.
1 liter from 6 am/7 is to 12 pm.
Second liter from 12pm to 5pm/6pm.
Third liter from 5pm/6pm to 11pm/12am.
Drinking water is key to maintaining a healthy life. Health is the world’s most precious asset. Make a habit of carrying a water bottle everywhere you go. As you will not forget to hydrate yourself. Drinking water has many advantages and free cures for many problems.