7 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

7 proven ways to increase traffice to your website

Congratulations, you have launched your website. Now it is time to increase traffic to your website. Your hard work for creating a website is in vain if there is no traffic on your website. There is cutthroat competition in the digital world as over 1.7 billion websites are present on the world web. Your website can only stand out from the crowd if it has traffic. And you need website traffic for brand awareness and sales. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. In this article, we are sharing seven proven ways to increase traffic to the website.

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Best ways to increase traffic on your website

1:Search engine optimization

40% of web traffic begins from a search query.SEO helps you to rank higher in search engines organically. Thus, you must optimize your content for search engines. 

Search engine optimization(SEO) is considered the best way to drive organic traffic to your website.

Here are the few best  SEO techniques to increase organic traffic to a website.

Best  SEO techniques to bring organic traffic to your website

1. Find what the audience is searching for

 First, you must know what your audience is searching for. You should create content that addresses their needs. Be helpful and human.

2. Keywords

 Optimize your web pages with relevant keywords.

Mix short and long-tail keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing because google does not rank keyword-stuffed pages. Page title and header must have targeted keywords.

3. Meta descriptions

Write meta descriptions for each page having your focused keyword.

4. Alt text images

Your images must have keywords in the Alt text image.

5. URL

Do not forget to optimize your page URL; for example, the best URL is 


6. Easy navigation

 Make your website easy to navigate for visitors.

7. Internal links

Add internal links to your page.

8. Use SEO tools

 You should use SEO tools like Google Analytics and Google search console to check the performance of your website. The results will guide you to work on the strong and weak points of your website.


9. Website Speed

 Your website must have a fast loading speed. The ideal website loading speed is 3 seconds.

10. Easy navigation

 Make your website easy to navigate for visitors.

11. Mobile-friendly website

 About 60% of searches are now conducted on mobile devices daily. Your website must be mobile-friendly for visitors.

It should look good and performs well on mobile because Google counts mobile visitors. You can check whether your site is mobile-friendly. Google has created a tool The Mobile-friendly tool to check if your site is mobile-friendly or not.

Google tool to check mobile friendly website

12. Local SEO

 If you have a physical store, you must use Local SEO. It helps to drive free traffic and customer to your website and shop.

For example, someone is finding the best salon in New York on a search engine. If you have done local SEO on your website, they will see you and go to your salon. Hence you are increasing both customers outreach and traffic to the website and store.

You must add your exact name, phone number, address on your Google Business and social media pages for local SEO.


2:Social Media

Seven out of ten Americans are using social media. So hang out where your audience is.

use socila media to increase website traffic
Image credits: Pew Research Center

Every social media audience has a different taste. Create your content according to your target audience’s taste.

 Social media is for fun, not for sales. So create informative yet entertaining content. 

Here are general ways to use social media to drive traffic to a website.

  • Update all your social media bios.
  •  Use hashtags on your social sites as they are the best way to reach your target audience. And it will make it easier for the audience to find relevant posts.
  •  Engage with the audience through the comment section and replay their DMs.
  •  Post content when your audience is active, as it will increase the engagement rate.
  • Here Coscheduler has made a report that at what time the social media users are active.

How to post on different social media sites to increase website traffic for free


Facebook is crowded with 2.85 billion users. In B2C marketing, Facebook usage increases to 97%.

First, optimize your Facebook page and add your website link in the about section. Now you must pay full attention to Facebook marketing. If you have created an event, add a website link to the event.

Your profile photo and cover photo should be high quality.

Post regularly to your Facebook page; otherwise, no one knows your business exists. Your post should have pictures or videos, a call to action, captions, and a link to your website.

 Once you publish your blog, please share it with your audience on your Facebook feed.

Pin your popular post as it will lead visitors to the website.

Join the Facebook group but do not be spammy first; give answers in the comment section. When you build trust and reliability, start posting in groups.



Now Instagram is more than a photo-sharing platform, and it is becoming the best social media site for marketing. 83% of Instagram users use Instagram to find new products and services.

Instagram is the visual platform you must work in creating attractive visuals. You can use Canva to make high-quality pictures.

The main issue with Instagram is you cannot add links to posts and comment sections. 

So add the link to your website in your bio. Write a call to action like for more details visits our website.

If you have a new blog or product, update your link in the bio. Now Instagram gives the option to add more than one link in your bio, and you can add it by Linktree.

You can add links in the story if you have 10000 followers. And don’t forget to mention swipe up because many users do not know how to open the link in stories.

If you do not have 10000 followers, you can add your link in the IGTV video description.

Instagram shopping is the best option to drive traffic to your website. When users tap on the post, they will see tags; they will land on your site if they click on tags.

Instagram shopping link to drive website traffic


You can increase your followers on Instagram by using hashtags and location tags. When selecting hashtags select niche relevant, targeted, and branded tags.

 You should use both high volume and low volume tags of your niche.

Instagram hashtag limit is  30 hashtags in the post and ten hashtags in the story.



  • More than 180 million people use Twitter. If you are not using Twitter, you are missing massive traffic to your website.
  • Twitter is an excellent place to target B2B audience. 
  • Join Twitter chats using the relevant hashtags. For example, if you have an eCommerce business, you can join the Twitter chat using the hashtag  #EcomChat on Twitter.
  • You can use Twitter space to make better and close connections with your audience. Twitter space is a new feature that allows live audio conversion with the Twitter community.
  • Find influencers that share the content of your industry. Write a short message to them. If they like your content, they will tweet it, and it will increase your audience.
  • You can use two hashtags in your tweet.
  • Share short and exciting links to your content on Twitter.

How to use twitter to increase traffic for free


LinkedIn is the best professional networking social media site having over 500 million users.

How to share content on Linkedin?

  • Share your blog on the LinkedIn feed.
  • Wite articles on Linkedin and share website links in the content.
  • Join LinkedIn groups related to your niche and take part in group discussions.
  • When you build authority, your audience will go to your website, increasing traffic to your website.
  • You should also write LinkedIn posts related to your business and build authority. Add spacing in lines of your posts and use emojis to increase readability.
  • You can add links to your website in your posts.
  • LinkedIn allows you to use five hashtags in your post.How to use Linkedin to increase traffic on website



A blog is the best way to increase website traffic for free, as 77 % of internet users read blogs.

The blog increases brand awareness and organic traffic to your website.

Because writing blog posts means you are an expert in your niche.

Moreover, the blog makes you credible in your industry as you share accurate and helpful content.

how often should you blog? graphic

Image credits: Hubspot

How to write a blog post that drives traffic to the website


  •  First, identify your target audience to write a blog.
  • Find their pain points and write as you are speaking to them. Write relevant, high-quality, and engaging blogs that answer readers’ queries. Your blog post should cover every detail users need to read.
  • Interlink other similar blogs in your post. It helps google to check your site in-depth and rank them on the first page. Use infographics for your blog because 65% of people prefer to learn from visuals.
  • Your blog should be easy to read. Focus on the readability of your blog.
  • Write short sentences with a maximum of 20 words. Do not write big paragraphs. Use 2-3 lines per paragraph.
  • Divide your blog with headings and subheadings. Use bullets and numbers to make it skimmable.
  • Highlight essential words with italics or bold.
  • Update your old blogs. Fix broken links, add a new example, case study, images, or stats.
  • Interview industry leaders for the blog. It will expand traffic as the expert will share it with their audience.
  • Use google search, Buzzsomo, or answer the public to check what people are searching for and add these into your blog. 
  • You can make other content from your blogs like videos, podcasts, ebooks, and infographics. It means one blog can generate traffic for different channels.

4:Email marketing

Email marketing is a traditional and affordable marketing method. As email marketing generates $36 for $1, you must use it to maximize traffic to your website.

Email marketing helps to build long-term relationships with your customers because you are directly connecting with your audience.

How to do email marketing to get traffic to your website fast?

  • Make an email subscriber list.
  • Send the most relevant information to readers. Don’t spam readers’ email folders. It will annoy them, and they will unsubscribe you.
  • You should also send personalized emails. It takes some time, but the results are worthy.
  • For example, if one of your subscribers loves your blog post, send them your recent blog post. 
  • But if other subscribers love any product, send them updates about their favourite product. It will help them to spend more time on the website and decrease the bounce rate.
  • If you know your subscriber’s name, send them an email starting from their name.
  • Start your email with a compelling subject line, and the email body must have valuable content.
  • Write short emails and optimize them for mobiles. Your email should consist of 20 lines and no more than three images.
  • In your emails, ask questions, request feedback, and provide links to your content.
  • Check your google analytic to track your email marketing campaigns.
  • It will help you to improve your email marketing. Send emails on a specific day and time. For example, send your email on Tuesday at 10; am every week.
  • Here is an example of a well-written email by a famous blogger Anastasia.



No doubt forums are one of the best ways to drive long-term quality traffic to your website.

Be an active and thoughtful member of forums. Quora and Reddit are the best forums to drive traffic to a website.

How to use Quora and Reddit to increase traffic to your website?


It is a question-and-answer forum having 300 million active users.

Here you can answer the questions related to your niche. 

The daily answer limit is 50 on Quora. Do not exceed this limit; otherwise, you will get banned for 24 hours.

How to use Quora to drive quality traffic to the website?
  • Go to the search bar and type your question.
  • Find questions having more followers and fewer answers, like five followers and one answer.
  • Follow all topics related to your niche. Then you will find questions on your feed.
  • Give detailed answers to the question, but it must be actionable. Use videos and infographics in your reply.
  •  Write in natural language and provide the best information in your answers. 
  • In Quora, you can write a short blog having 300 words to answer the question. Try not to use too many links in your answer.
  • Insert links that seem natural using anchor text.

quora to increase website traffic


Reddit is a goldmine to drive free traffic to your website as it has 52 million active users. It is a  discussion form with having a collection of forums and subforums. In Reddit, people share content and make comments. Niches are called subreddit; for example, hire a writer niche is called r/hireawriter.

use reddit to increase traffic to your website

How to post on Reddit to promote your website?


  • First, join your niche, for example, business.
  • Choose a relevant subreddit and share your link while adding a valid discussion point. At the start, comment on other posts to show your expertise.
  • Read the rules of the subreddit and follow them; otherwise, you can be a ban from Reddit.
  • After showcasing your expertise, start writing your posts.
  • Write an attention-grabbing headline for the post.
  • Your posts should be concise, enticing, and entertaining.
  • Reddit community is conscious about spam. Put your links in your post if necessary.

6:Paid marketing

Paid marketing is an instant way to drive traffic to your website.

It includes two types of ads.  Social media ads and Searches engine ads(the most common are Google ads.)

  1. Social media ads are display ads and sponsored ads.
  2. Search engines ads include retargeting ads and pay-per-click ads.

You should spend on ads according to your audience.

For example, if they are  Instagram users, create Instagram ads.

Paid marketing is expensive; therefore, you should set a budget to spend on ads.

At the start, do not spend a million bucks on paid marketing.

Create different campaigns with different target keywords.

Observe the result and then make a proper paid marketing plan.

Social media ads 

The most famous platforms for social media ads are Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook ads 

FB adds for paid website marketing

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media site, and its advertising can help you increase your website traffic. 

You can make a buyer persona in FB ads, and this helps in targeting the audience.

The Facebook ad has an option where you target people that have viewed you before. When they see your new content, they will revisit your website.

FaceBook ads cost per click is $0.97, and it is lower than other advertisements.

You can set your objective, audience, budget, format for FB ads.

Go to the Fb menu, then select Ad manager and set your ads campaign.

Instagram ads

Instagram has more than 1 billion users. And it is considered the best advertising channel like its parent company Facebook. As it is ads revenue is over 18 billion.

It is the best advertising option to drive visitors to your website because Instagram gives you a choice to select campaign objectives like website traffic.

Instagram allows you to make ads in multiple formats like stories, reels, shopping ads, IGTV, and posts with high-quality visuals. 

Instagram ads are affordable for small businesses to large businesses as the average cost per click is $.20 to $2.

To create Instagram ads, first link your Instagram account with your Facebook page.

Make an ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager.

Next, create an ad set. After creating ads, you can analyze your ads.

Google ads

Google is the most popular search engine as it reached over 90% of the market share in June 2021. If you are not using google to drive traffic to your website, you are your business’s biggest enemy.

What makes Google ads different from social media ads is their uniqueness to present your ads to the world’s two biggest platforms: 

  1. Youtube 
  2. Google

Google presents your ads in three forms.

  1.  Display ads
  2.  Search ads
  3.   Youtube ads.

Unlike social media ads, Google ads let you show your product and service directly to users searching for it.

For example, if you have a shoe shop and users have searched for shoes, Google will display shoe shop ads to users.

Google ads to increase website traffic

How do Google ads work?

Google ads have a bidding system. You will select your target keywords and compete with others for these keywords. 

And you will set a bid for these keywords. But your ad will rank high if your ad copy is more relevant to user search queries.

Google ads are a bit complex. It would be best if you first learned before starting a campaign or hiring a Google ads expert.

7:Guest blogging

Guest blogging means you are writing a blog for another website. And in return, that site owner will allow you to add links to your website in that blog.

Guest blogging will increase the website traffic as you have introduced your website/content to a new audience.

Guest blogging has the potential to drive traffic to the website. Its most significant example is the popular social media app Buffer’s audience reaches 100K via guest blogging.

According to a case study, its co-founder, Leo, has written about 150 guest blog posts that increase his customers in 9 months.

Now you are thinking about how to find websites for guest blogging.

How to do guest blogging to increase website traffic

Here is how you can find websites for guest blogging.

Guest blogging to drive free traffic on website

  • Go to Google search bar and write websites accepting guest blogs, and write for us.
  • Or check portfolios of writers and bloggers who have written guest blogs for the websites.
  • Solvid has a list of  300 guest blogging websites, and their list mentions domain authority and niches.
  • Bloggerpassion has a list of 350 guest blog websites. They have compiled this list according to niches.
  • You have to write a pitch for guest blogging.
  • Write short pitches and follow/read guest blog guidelines.
  • In pitches, tell the site owner how you will get the attention of their readers.
  • Politely mention what is missing in their content and how you will write to fill the gap.


We have shared seven proven ways and their implementation to increase traffic to the website in this post.

Some of these methods will give an instant boost to website traffic, and others will take time. You have to check what is working for you.

We will love to hear from your side which technique you have used from our blog. 

Let us know in the comment section which techniques are working for you.

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