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How to Style Neon Green?

How to Style Neon Green?

Colour which has ruled throughout the year from Runaway to street style is none other than neon green. This trend appears in Summer and yes neon is here to stay even in winters. We need a touch of neon to light up these gray days. Most of us are hesitant to wear it as it is flashy color but there is no need to worry as there are numerous ways to style it. Here are few ways to style it.


Skirt never go out of trend and give a favor to your neon skirt by color blocking it. If you are not familiar with color blocking you are missing out on a fun, vibrant way to express your style. Color blocking is the mixing of two or more colors in an outfit and the result is a simple yet very colorful look. This style is for bold color lovers. You can style your neon separate piece with another solid color separate. Seen here Kareena Kapoor in a perfect color block outfit wearing a neon skirt by Retrofete and a blue body suit by ASOS.


There are days when we are not in the mood to layering our outfits but still want to look polished. Yes, there is a solution to this situation. Go for a dress, this is a 1 piece outfit and instantly makes you stylish and glamorous. They come in all cuts and shapes. Just pick it according to your own style. In this pic Indian fashion blogger, Komal Pandey is giving us style notes in Frenesifashion dress. A simple neon dress with mid parted hairstyle, bold lips, and transparent heel and you are ready.


This winter ditches your boring basic colors sweaters and go for neon hues. Style them with basic color pants to create a balanced look. Especially if you are a subtle style kind of person. As seen here in this pic, turtle neck sweater with off-white high waist pants. Accessories it with statement shoes and bag with no make-up look and simple open hair. Boom, you have transfer yourself from a next-door girl to a fashionista.


Print can never go out of style but it’s cool to add a little twist every now and then. This season calls for energetic colorful pieces for the beach and beyond. Twist your printed dress by pairing it with a neon shrug. With minimal make-up, clean mid parted hair bun, and gold jewelry as seen here in this pic. You can carry this style both on the beach and on casual working days.


Most of us always go for cool, neutral color pants. But one best way to carry this neon trend is to opt for neon pants and style them with T-Shirts, tank tops, or any type of shirt.

This gorgeous lady is pairing her neon pant with a plain button-down shirt and flowery bag.

The limit to embracing neon does not exist.


Gym wear should be practical but there is nothing wrong with incorporating a little color into your look. If you are feeling low in energies dress up in a neon hue as bright color instantly lifts up your mood. Even in this season sportswear is all about neons. Seen here Selena Gomez in Puma India neon hoodie and gym wear. It is ok to be stylish even in doing workouts.


Crop tops are feminine and edgy. You can mix and match your neon crop top with basic blazers, denim, pants, and skirts. But the crop top in this pic is a little bit twisty as it is a mix of modern cuts with embroidery. Here Houseofmasaba is in its signature style, featuring a HI-low crop top embellished with a gold bird zardozi motif patch. Pair it with ivory grazing cow pants.


Add an electrifying effect to your outfit by adding a neon scarf. Choose a thin scarf in summer. But as winter is coming go for a neon woolen scarf wrap it around your neck to keep yourself warm. Choose a neon scarf and neon shirt pair it with jeans as seen here in this pic. This style is making a bright accent.


Blazer will always be a fall essential. Mostly blazers are used to dress up in sophisticated business dressing but here in this pic, it is all fun. You can add a fun element to your blazer. This girl has paired a neon blazer with a basic black shirt and graphic pleated skirt. This look is truly dedicated to people who are not afraid to take fashion risks.


Accessories are the most powerful tools to make our look polished. For those who are not quite ready for head to toe neon look yet, it is better to go for neon statement accessories. Like a bag, neon bags instantly gives a pop-up look even if you are wearing light colors. In this pic, the girl has paired a neon bag to her basic white top and black pants.



To pop up your look, throw a neon belt and this will turn your simplest outfit into a chic one.

A brand like Zara styles their blazer with neon belts worn on top. It’s a great way to add some shape and an unexpected pop of color to a professional look. But you can wear a neon belt with your denim, skirts, and neutral pants.

Pair of shoes

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

Marilyn Monroe

By throwing on statement neon shoes, you can take your favorite basics to electric new levels. In this pic Victoria Beckham is in her signature style. She is known to be a Shoe lover. Here she is rocking her statement Knife sharp neon heels with a basic black leather jacket, white shirt, and black jeans.


Which style will you try first?