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Dual faces

Dual faces

I am really confused about this matter i really need your reviews to resolve it.

After invention of social sites almost everyone is using them.Now here people are divided into two catgories.

First those how are really disgusting in real life full of negtivity always doing leg pulling, backbitting ,jealous type but on social sites they are most wise ,postive,sensible,mature,kind and presenting themseleves as saint.

Others one are those who in reality are sensible but on social sites they are totally ridiculous,too much boasting

and annoying others with their posts.

Now question arises in my mind why they are so fake and what is their real face.

Is there are what they are showing themselves on social sites?

People are really showing their true nature and feelings on social sites?how can we understand their real nature?

Please write your views in comment section and help me to resolve this mystery.