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What is success

What is success

What is Success?

You dream a goal then totally work on it with commitment and then trophy is in your hand mean your achievment.

You can say motivation + commitment = success.

Your goal can be anything wether you want to upgrade yourself internally or externally

Can we say if we have in fact achieved something then we are achiever i will say yes but if you are fail even then you are a champion as in failure we learn more and you are worrior.

Now whats formula of success as we are living in scientific era and we need formula of every thing

Hardwork+ courage+ passion +struggle

Ok this is our formula now some other key factors are that never compare yourself with any one else as all of us are different and everyone is struggling in their own way every one road is different.this life is like a book and every one book is different as(comparison) it will only lead you towards complex and my father say

Never have complex in your life the moment you will start feeling complex the moment you will start falling down.

Some people says that its greed to work for things but no going ahead and to improve your life is your right and your own responsiblity but to harm anyone to get your dreams is greed.

Being productive is constructive

But being greedy is destructive.

I think now the point is clear about being greed.there is no short cut of success

And totally focous on your goal work as much hard and totally belief on yourself i know its difficult but remember that best thing about life is it is not constant after night there is morning .

In the end i will.say

Never quit live the life of yours dreams

Hope so you like it.peace☺